Quick question…

What if you could be fully self-employed as a freelance creative without ever having to worry about where you’ll find your next client or if you’ll make a consistent income? 

If that was possible, would you finally be willing to turn your side hustle into your main hustle?

“Well sure, that sounds great, but isn’t there a lot more to it than that?"

Of course. But if you’re reading this, then chances are you’ve already spent hours…

➡️ Fine tuning your website… you know, the one that’s still sitting in Squarespace in ‘draft’ mode.

➡️ Googling questions like “when should I follow-up with a potential client?” or “do I need to charge tax?”... just to end up more confused and overwhelmed than when you started. 

➡️ Writing posts to promote your services in freelance Facebook and Slack groups… that nobody even notices.

➡️ Shooting off DM after DM to potential clients that you met in those same groups… only for them to leave you on ‘read.’

➡️ Following all the social media thought leaders and watching all the free trainings and webinars… but still feeling clueless about how to take what they say and put into action

You might even be at the point where you’re so tired of feeling lost and getting ignored that you’re ready to hang up your hat and ditch your freelance dreams for good.

But you know deep down that you can do this.

You know that you have the skills and experience to do your own thing. 

You can feel that you can only do your work ‘on the side’ for so long.

You see others taking control of their careers and working on their terms and know that you’re just as smart and capable and driven. 

So what gives?!

  • You’re bogged down in the DMs. You spend more time responding to emails and social media messages than you do on your actual freelance work. 
  • You’re not vetting your leads. You book intro calls with potential clients before you even really know what they’re looking for. 
  • You’re a pitch perfectionist. It takes you hours to finetune every proposal and email before you’re ready to hit ‘send.’
  • Your best friends are Facebook and Google. You spend way too much time sifting through search results and post replies looking for answers. 
  • You’re lost in the (pricing) sauce. You’re not sure what to charge for your work so you crowdsource opinions every time you need to come up with a quote.

You’re just SIX WEEKS AWAY from getting the tools you need to build a freelance creative business that’s not only successful but sustainable.  


Click-worthy Creative Academy

A 6-week Freelance Mentorship Program by Jasmine Williams Media

This one-of-a-kind learning experience is designed to teach creative professionals the fundamentals of running a successful and sustainable freelance business.

  You’ll get…

👉🏾 Access to the exact tactics, tools, and resources I use every day in my business

👉🏾 Receive next-level accountability so you can finally do all the things and take serious action in your business 

👉🏾 The opportunity to connect with and learn alongside other like-minded creative professionals 

👉🏾 One-on-one expert support, every step of the way 

But first things first…


Let me introduce myself. I’m Jasmine and I help creative entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and growth-stage startups scale their businesses with strategic storytelling.

In other words, I’m the freelance writer and content marketing expert companies and visionairies like GoDaddy, Patreon, Maya Elious, and Amy Porterfield turn to when they’re looking to create high-performing content for their blogs, websites, and marketing channels. 


Having worked my way up from low-paying gigs to high-ticket contracts in under a year, I know the exact steps freelancers and consultants need to take to make the same shifts in their own businesses. 

I also know that most of you already have everything you need to succeed. You’re talented creative professionals with access to an abundance of resources courtesy of the world wide web.

What you really need is a helping hand. A mentor who can tell it like it is, and offer real-deal, no-BS advice because they’ve been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt. 


Week 1: Nail Your Niche

You'll go through several exercises to figure out how to find your niche, i.e., that sweet spot between your passions, skills, interests, and what the world needs.


  • 30-minute recorded lesson on my process for finding your best-fit niche
  • 60-minute live office-hours style Freelance Therapy call (with a mini-lesson on freelance tech)
  • Weekly learning workbook
  • Ditch The Duds: Dream Client Discovery Roadmap

WEEK 2: Price Your Services

I’ll help you set your rates once and for all (buh-bye Google and Facebook). I’ll also teach you how to create high-value packages and set sales goals so you can pitch with confidence. 


  • 30-minute recorded lesson on my exact process for building and pricing service packages
  • 60-minute live office-hours style Freelance Therapy call (with a mini-lesson on retainers)
  • Weekly learning workbook
  • Level Up: Project Rate Pricing Guide

WEEK 3: Launch Your Business

I’ll show you how to put together an irresistible website or portfolio, how to leverage your existing network to find new clients, and how to market your business in a way that actually gets you leads (not just likes). 


  • 30-minute recorded lesson on my tips and tricks for setting up your online platforms
  • 60-minute live office hours style Freelance Therapy call (with a mini-lesson on client onboarding and offboarding)
  • Weekly learning workbook
  • Intake on Autopilot: How to Onboard Clients Like a Pro

WEEK 4: Sell The Right Way

I’ll show you how to engage with potential clients, vet the ones that are coming to you, and build trust and credibility so you can start working with people who respect your talents (and will pay you accordingly). 


  • 30-minute recorded lesson on what to look for (and what to watch out for) when engaging a potential client
  • 60-minute live office-hours style Freelance Therapy call (with a mini-lesson on follow-up strategies)
  • Weekly learning workbook
  • Click and Connect: Potential Client Outreach Tracker
  • Close With Confidence: Step-by-Step Sales Call Script 

WEEK 5: Work Less, Earn More

I’ll teach you how to secure high-value recurring and retainer clients and maximize your time so you can avoid burnout and build a freelance business that will sustain you for the long haul.  


  • 30-minute recorded lesson on my best time-saving tools and hacks
  • 60-minute live office hours style Freelance Therapy call (with a mini-lesson on client gifting)
  • Weekly learning workbook
  • Schedule for Success: Creative Project Tracker

WEEK 6: Attract Your Dream Clients

I’ll teach you how to use content marketing and thought leadership to reel in top-notch clients, how to position yourself as a go-to expert, and how to re-engage old clients and cold leads to land new work. 


  • 30-minute recorded lesson on my personal content marketing strategy, broken down step-by-step
  • 60-minute live office hours style Freelance Therapy call (with a mini-lesson on personal branding)
  • Weekly learning workbook
  • Finish Strong: Client Testimonial and Referral Guide

In total, here’s what you’re getting...

  • 6 recorded lessons from Jasmine 
  • 6 LIVE mastermind-style Q&A calls with Jasmine 
  • 6 weekly learning workbooks 
  • Lifetime access to the CCA Slack channel 


Plus a full suite of digital resources...

  • Ditch The Duds: Dream Client Discovery Roadmap 
  • Level Up: Project Rate Pricing Guide 
  • Intake on Autopilot: How to Onboard Clients Like a Pro 
  • Click and Connect: Potential Client Outreach Tracker 
  • Close With Confidence: Step-by-Step Sales Call Script 
  • Schedule for Success: Creative Project Tracker 
  • Finish Strong: Client Testimonial and Referral Guide 



  • Live and recorded workshops with creative small business experts covering topics like legal, accounting, boundary setting, resilience, and more 
  • Weekly challenges to help you push through self-doubt and imposter syndrome and build momentum towards your goals 
  • Over 40 ready-to-go canned email templates 
  • 3 monthly Freelance Therapy check-in calls after the course wraps 

Now let's talk numbers...

Here's your investment for Click-worthy Creative Academy.

Click-Worthy Creative Academy Premium

Includes all of the on-demand lessons, guest expert workshop recordings, resources, workbooks, and private Slack channel access, PLUS...

  • 6 weekly live Freelance Therapy calls
  • Live workshops and Q&A sessions with small business experts
  • A welcome gift ($30 value) delivered right to your door.
  • 3 monthly Freelance Therapy check-in calls after the course wraps 


$1697 USD

(one time payment)



$849 USD

($1698 total)



$285 USD

($1710 total)


(Pssst... if you join the waitlist, you'll get the chance to unlock exclusive savings and perks!)

Click-Worthy Creative Academy Self-Study

Includes all of the on-demand lessons, resources, workbooks, and private Slack channel access, minus all of the live calls, guest expert workshops and recordings, and welcome gift. A solid option for self-directed learners, business owners on a budget, or if live calls don't work for your schedule. 


$747 USD

(one time payment)



$374 USD

($748 total)



$187 USD

($748 total)



"This course truly has changed my life...


And given me a degree of confidence that I don't think I would have achieved otherwise or at least not for a long time.

Now having the clarity that I need, and the tools and confidence to pursue ADHD coaching, it feels so much like, you took all of the pieces of the scattered 1000 piece puzzle and helped me put it together. And that is something that I don't think I could ever repay you for. It's something so priceless.

You've reignited a passion and sense of purpose in me that I kind of felt like I had lost and doing just illustration. And I'm so grateful."

- Aly, ADHD Coach, Illustrator

This program is perfect for you if…

⚡️You’ve been doing freelance work on the side for a while and you’re ready to go all-in

⚡️You’re a full-time freelancer or consultant but you haven’t managed to get your business off the ground

⚡️You’ve never freelanced before and you don’t know where to start, but you know you want to set yourself up for success from the get-go

Now you might be wondering...

What *exactly* is a click-worthy creative?


A click-worthy creative is someone who is a creator at their core.

They’re writers, designers, photographers, artists, storytellers … the list goes on. They’re people who have put in the work to hone their craft, but what sets them apart is that they also know how to create content that makes people want to take action.

Click-worthy content is content that gets people to engage with you, follow you, and most importantly, buy from you

In other words, it’s the kind of content that can take you from overlooked and ignored to booked and busy, my friend.


As a writer and a marketer, understanding how to leverage my creative abilities to produce this kind of content has been a game-changer in my business.

You have gifts that deserve to be shared with the world. But if you’ve been struggling to market your business, or create effective processes and structures, or simply need a kick in the butt to get your business started, I can help you with that.

Here’s what some past Click-Worthy Creative Academy students have to say.

Clary Chambers - Accessibility Advisor & Speaker

"I've done a lot of courses, a lot of workshops, read through a lot of PDFs, but nothing compares to how detail-oriented Jasmine's course was. 

Being able to talk one on one with somebody who's been there, done that someone who shares their experiences, the things that went wrong, the things that went right, that part of it is invaluable.

The part that I admire most about Jasmine is their openness to share their story in its full authenticity, hearing that Jasmine also struggled with finding their prices and systems.

Unlike a lot of other programs that are very fluff-based, they talk about branding and colors and how to position yourself on social media, which is all important. But if you don't know how to attract the right clients, don't have a contract, don't know what your rates are, have email scripts, all of those things that Jasmine gives you.

I feel like I wasted three years trying to Google my way to success but with Jasmine's program, I was able to get there straight away."

Alana Simpson - PR Mentor

"When I did my certificate course I struggled a lot with the overwhelm of courses and how big certain theories and ideas are.

To have a course so broken down and clear-cut was really helpful. And I have been working towards starting my own business for years at this point. And to finally feel like I have the tools that I need to be successful is a game-changer."

Jessica Wei - Writer and Content Strategist

“I think at first when I was considering this program, I wasn't sure how much I could gain from it because I felt already kind of settled and secure and already making tons of progress on my own, but I'm so glad I ended up joining. This space, through the courses and the Q&As and the Slack channel, has really helped me transition through the awkward growing pains of establishing a freelance career and getting me out of that scarcity mindset.”


Maddie - Podcast Creator

"Jasmine’s course gave me 3 incredibly valuable things.

1. Community. Freelancing is hard and lonely, and if you don't have others around you who understand it, you can very quickly feel isolated.

2. A sharing space. Having a space to learn, ask questions and share challenges was such a meaningful thing to me and I feel really thankful for Jasmine and the entire cohort for being a place to turn to and learn.

3. Lasting support and tools. I have an abundance of tools to continue growing my freelance business. The resources in this course have helped me when having to make hard decisions and have also guided me through building out processes and pricing.

Jasmine doesn’t hold back in sharing what she knows, or what she is willing to give to help freelances reach success."

Lesley Gibson - Writer and Editor

"Wonderful course, wonderful teacher. When I started I felt like I was wandering in the dark; now I have a clear path and know the right steps to take to launch and run a successful freelance business. Highly recommended!"

Click-worthy Creative Academy is a course for freelance creatives, consultants, and entrepreneurs of all stripes.  

It’s for ambitious professionals who want to work on their terms while doing what they love, day in and day out. 

I see a reality for you where you don’t need to work for a boss ever again. Where you can set your own hours, work from anywhere, and bring on dream clients that pay your rates without even batting an eye.

Do you want that reality for yourself too?

Then this is the program for you.