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Quick question...

What if you could be fully self-employed as a freelance creative without ever having to worry about where you’ll find your next client or if you’ll make a consistent income? 

If that was possible, would you finally be willing to turn your side hustle into your main hustle?

Well here's the thing...

There's no shortcut to freelance success.


But I’ve created a freelance mentorship program that distills my almost 10 years of freelance experience into a 6-week course designed to help all of you freelance writers, creatives, and consultants out there get further, faster. 

By the end of this program, you'll learn how to:

👉🏾 Define your target market so you can find and attract your dream customers (i.e. ones that will instantly see your value and respect your rates). Trust me, they exist.

👉🏼 Tighten up your sales and marketing processes so you won't be competing with bottom-dollar service providers or running into clients looking for quick services on the cheap.

👉🏻 Manage your time better so you have enough time to work ON and IN your business (and still have money in the bank).

👉🏿 Overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome so you can stop selling yourself short and step into your power as a high-value creative professional.


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